Hi everyone

Hi everyone, I’m just coming here to say hi. I’m new to this game, but not flight sims in general. Is there really anyting I should know? I have just a couple specific questions, which are a) what are the best IAP aircraft/scenery, and b) is Live worth it? Thanks, and hello.


Hello and Welcome to the community.

Yes live is worth it, play at freeflight and fly advance with us!

The scenery is great for a Mobile Game, if you have the right settings on!

Couple thing you should know, read the guidelines and make sure to follow server rules!

Happy flying!

Live is worth it especially if you get Live+. You get all aircraft and regions for a year. And then for the best flight help go to the #tutorials category. Mark, Tyler and other community members make tutorials for help. Hello and welcome from Bulba and his mustache.

Thanks! The aircraft with max settings rival my beloved FSX…

Live is totally worth it!
I recommend getting live+ as it gives you all the IAP’s and live for a year.
The best IAP is in my opinion Caribbean and A319.

Welcome to the Forum! :)


To get the most out of Live+, I’m thinking I’ll get it in ~3 weeks, since I’ll be out of country and not online very much due to data costs.

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