Hi Everyone!

@Scott_Winchester Welcome to the community Scott! We’re glad you’re here with us, please read up our community guidelines and such to better know our rules and regulations in our forum


Here in the forum we have “Trust Levels” trust levels sandbox new users and limit what they could do, as more experienced and day to day activivty on the forums increase, so will your trust level.

More on trust level’s down below!

There is also a guide made by one of our more experienced users on how to utilise the forum in a correct manner, please check it out as you will know how to use the forum much better.

We also have tutorials made by our Regulars, Moderators, and Community Managers, feel free to check them out in #tutorials so you can learn how to improve you experience within Infinite Flight.

Thats all for now, enjoy the IFC!

Warm Regards,