Hi everyone Does anyone actually know when the a350-1000 is going to come out

Hi everyone

Dose anyone know if the A350-1000 is going to come out to infinite flights and any dates on it coming out

For the moment it is not planned that the A35K will come out we cannot know which planes will come out after the A380 ;)

Unfortunately, I don’t thinks there’s any plans to add the A35K as far as I know, so they are not allowing feature requests about it so I guess not anytime soon. Check out this reply by Jason;


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Given your last topic on this was shut down do you really think it is a good idea to just make another copy of it?


Your question got answered. Sorry, it’s not happening. Making a second post won’t change that.

We have the A359. I think that is a good enough plane.

For a little more explanation:

The A359 and A35K are very, very similar planes. They are also very large planes, and take many months to design and build. One variant is enough.

See link provided by Maz above.