Hi, Airport Editors! Need help for CGK/ WIII :)

Believe me I’ve tried learning the airport editing thingy myself but I guess time, work and skills on my side do not permit it right now, though I’d really wanted to help edit this airport if I could.

Soekarno-Hatta International airport (CGK/ WIII) in Indonesia South East Asia, one of world’s busiest IRL, just added a 3rd runway on August 2019 spanning 3000 meters long. I see lots of frequent IF controllers and pilots arriving/ departing Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Sumatra island, Java or anywhere to/ from the rest of the world everyday in IF’s WIII, The SIDs and STARs are also, already there in IF for the new “RWY 3” ( which are actually RWYs 6 and 24), just that the tarmac itself has not yet existed in app.

Could any IFC friends from the airport editing team help to update this massive complex (“Massive” as in I’ve been there IRL, one simply do not walk out on foot from CGK lol🤦), your wizardry is greatly needed!

Fun facts
  • “RWY 3” as it has become known, were built to accommodate 117 passenger aircraft movements per hour and handle an increase of travel surge (63 million PAX as of 2017 resulting an over-capacity by 1 million, a 4th terminal building is underway 2024).

  • In IF, if you see lotsa green patches in absence of the 3D buildings in WIII, that’s because the airport concept is described as “garden within the airport” or “airport in the garden”, as tropical decorative and flower plants fill the spaces between corridors, waiting and boarding pavilions.

  • T1 and T2 were designed by Paul Andreu, a French architect who also designed Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport, earning the 1995 Aga Khan Award for Architecture. In 2017, Soekarno–Hatta International Airport was ranked 1st on the Skytrax World’s Most Improved Airport 2017.

  • Per 2020, it has unique arrival and departure waypoint names: MILEA and DYLAN, which was taken from a popular 2020 Indonesian period-piece teen movie (set in the distant 90’s). The waypoints are opposite each other, symbolizing the romantic nuance that Dylan will meet Milea and vice versa 😅

That’s all I guess, thanking y’all forum members and IF Team and have a great lovely week, hope anyone who’s gonna edit this airport will have a good time too. Apakabar with nasi goreng, over and out, cheers!

Unfortunately the airport editing team does not take requests. It’s best to be on the lookout for this airport on the list of updated airports that comes out every month or so. As you probably know there are tens of thousands of airports in the world and for that reason it is hard to ensure every airport is updated. Some day I am sure an editor will get around to editing this. Until then, hang in there ;)

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Hopefully :) :) :), thanks Chris!

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