HFP ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED (N/A)

Hello, this will be the thread for my trainings for ATC. I want to see how I
am at ATCing as I haven’t done it for a very long time, so I will announce when I open and maybe you can come and give me some feedback about my controlling





SERVER: (Obviously TS1.)

Try to come and give me some feedback, it would be appreciated.

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I’ll be their in a minute, callsign: REDSTAR
Also, my I ask why is `International’ in the title?

I wanted to put Porto International Airport but then I messed up a bit on the title.

Sorry for that, I will open in a few seconds.

I’ll be there in a second, call sign: HI9624. Is it okay if I do some pattern work with the b787?

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Yes it is, the aircraft is no the larger than the 744 so you can go with the 787.

Cool 🌉🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩✈️🛩 let me load everything up

Do you need feedback?

Yes please, it would be appreciated.

Sorry I have to leave… I might be back though. Everything was fine except for that last minute turn left off the runway I had really jam the breaks. How was my landing? I had just butchered a landing in Helsinki with the same aircraft and it wasn’t pretty…

Dint see your landing but you should be giving the controller feedback 😬

When I said everything was fine I was referring to his controlling. The only issue I had was that he at first told me to exit right, but then switched my turn off to the left which caught me by surprise.

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Ah dint see that, enjoy your day!

Sorry for that my finger clicked right instead of left.

Hey great job controlling. Only issue was that when I landed, you issued another aircraft to exit the runway. And then I asked to taxi and you just signed off. It could’ve been bad internet but other than that, great job!

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Must have been the other aircraft on frequency that was 120NM away from the airport and I mistakely clicked on him, and I signed off because bad internet, and since I also been there for a good time I think I will close for today.

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Great job regardless. It happens sometimes but ya you did well! ☺️

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I was there as N479QT. Thought you really did a great job. Dealt with some tricky situations too.


  • The first time you cleared me for the option you didn’t provide a RW exit dir. You should the first time (even though one provide at cleared for TO). After there you don’t need to unless something changes.
  • There was point where three AC were in the pattern. I was third having recently taken off as was 1000’ AGL. #2 was was on a left DW but upwind of me since he didn’t make an immediate turn off RW hdg. You didn’t sequence me right away so I assumed I was following the traffic above and to my left that seemed to be on a left DW. It would have been helpful for me if you had sequenced me sooner so I would have been positive who I was following in the pattern.
  • The next pattern through you apparently noticed I was flying tighter patterns the the aircraft that was upwind of me (HI9624). You sequenced me #2 behind the traffic on final. This demonstrated great awareness of the differences between our two preferences and you were able to give me another T&G without flying a much longer DW. The longer DW would also have been fine - but the tighter pattern was well done and appreciated.
  • Around this time you had an AC reporting inbound to the wrong end of the RW and the traffic that had been on final called a GA. You dealt with all of that appropriately. Great job.
  • I think thereafter the prop plane that executed the GA must have dropped off because you resequenced me for #1. Great.
  • You put me in front of another AC that was on base at about 9 nm. Normally this would have been fine with the patterns I was flying. I intentionally didn’t turn base until too late to see how you would handle it. Right around the time I started a really (and uncharacteristically) gentle base turn, you resequenced me for #2. Again good awareness and pattern control. Since I had started a base turn, I think I would have issued an extend downwind followed by the new sequence to make it really clear, but what you did was completely reasonable.
  • I turned really tight behind the now #1 AC. I thought I could slow down enough to provide spacing but couldn’t quite get there even at just above landing speed (about 115 - 120 knots in a Citation). You issued a go around which again was great controlling.

Net, net great job in a some challenging situations!


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Thank you for your feedback, will try on to improve on my next sessions!

Keep up the great work. You are already demonstrating a very high level of competence!

One other suggestion. Open at an airport with two runways. That will give you practice running parallel patterns (if there are enough AC), RW changes, etc.