Hey ya’ll got a question

Will Infinite flight ever have live radio instead of using the chat to contact ground/ATC

Back in the day, Infinite Flight did have this but it was rather distracting. Especially when Infinite Flight introduced the ATC aspect into the app.

There’s always the possibility that this could be re-added later on in the future, but as of right now nothing has been mentioned to this regard.


Here’s a good comment from @Thunderbolt on this topic:


I hope so but i think it would be a bit much, seeing as so many little kids play, it wouldnt really work especially in casual


If you mean contacting controllers/ATC by actually using voice, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. This is why:

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The only way this would work is communication just between ATC and the Pilot

All transmission can be heard but only the Pilot and live ATC can talk, this then limits any issues and the comms and users can be tracked etc

Having on open chat would be a disaster of biblical proportions!

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