Hey, there’s Jared!

Taxiing at CLT and who messaged me? The guy that I tried to hang out with but our flights didn’t match up. We waved at each other from the taxiway instead. Hi, @Jdichter!

Worth mentioning that he was in the flight deck in the first CRJ and I was in the cabin of a E145


Nice flight Jason?

Lemme guess, the E145 you were in was piloted by our very own @DeerCrusher?


Was deercrusher the pilot

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Well, I’d be pretty concerned if the pilot was @DeerCrusher as he is currently controlling PHNL 😬


Parking brake was set of course

Jared Dichter


I guess the real debate is to begin. CRJ or the EMBae? 😏


Let’s have a vote :P

  • CRJ
  • Brazilian Meme Machine (EmBae)

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Well when you put it that way of course the bae will loose. 😔


I’m sorry he put it that way, not much you can do about it your a mod, so in theory you could edit it, but you probably wouldn’t do that, I’m not sure on rules

The bae all the way 💙

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I love some good EmBae-175. Lol

Who doesn’t wave to someone you can’t even see? I wave to Hades all the time!

ERJ 145 all day my fav regional jet getting a wing view on that plane is amazing 😍

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CRJ cause the bins are good for napping in. Hi @Jdichter :-)

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This is an FAA violation. I’m very disappointed you did this.

Not at all. We have real world pilots in this discussion and we would for sure forbid any action like this in the real world if it were a violation. There are multiple reasons the parking brake could be set. There isn’t anything wrong with it.


@AZA.DAL.610 I never flew on a E145. Just CRJs and of course the Compass fav 170/175

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Nothing wrong with being on my phone if the the brake is set. We we’re holding there for ramp congestion.


Oh you got too I’ve flown a united express 145 sooo cool to have a side with one seat. You gotta a window and an aisle seat in one. It’s pretty cool I got asked to sit in the flight deck of the plane as welll!!! Awesome experience!