Hey there little Cessna!

Hello community! Today, I planned to plane spot a bit over my house and I was lucky to find a Cessna172 doing some VFR flying around Hyderabad. The training aircraft originated from Begumpet Airport (VOHY/BPM) and was flying to the south of the airfield. The plane was flying at around 3,000 feet from the ground and was clearly visible. Here are some photos of that aircraft.

Aircraft Information:
Cessna 172R Skyhawk 2
Registration: VT-RGD
Owner: Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy
Camera used: Nikon Coolpix B700
Date & Time: 14th Feb,2020 around 1130Z (05:00PM IST)

I hope you liked these photos
Have a good day!


If they’re copyrighted, where’s the watermark?

Nice photos 👍
Did you took these with a phone?

That is not necessary

No in a camera. It is mentioned above . Thanks

I’m going to assume you’re responding to me, so yes - it is necessary. Otherwise, nobody has a way of knowing it’s copyrighted.

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Well I cannot remove the photos now, so I will remove the copyright thing. Thanks :)

Oh, okay. Nice photos😄

Typically in the metadata of photographs you can imbed copyright information.

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Do you see watermarks in movies?

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Copyright does not necessarily mean watermarked visually. There is metadata in each photo that can be traced back to the original photo.


I mean at least in the Us you have an implied copyright to anything and everything you make, regardless of if there is a watermark, or you even say it’s copyrighted. It’s all just a question of how, and if you want to enforce that…


It’s your camera and you took the shot and edited it. It’s your property therefore a watermark is not needed, still copyright


Okay guys, @Altaria55 probably knows his mistake now. If you still want to discuss that, please PM him…

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