Hey the game froze got speed violations

Hey for little while ago I was doing a flight between London Heathrow To New Orleans when the game freezed witch lead into a crash i could do anything the screen was like freezed up for 3 5 minutes before I was able to turn it off when I reliased that I got for speed violations I have a iPad 2018. Version 64GB bilde bilde

Have you watched the replay?
Also wasn’t it on AP?

Yes i shows that my plane nose dives but I wasn’t able to stop it Athen screojjst freezed I tried to shut the device down nothing happened before like 5 minutes

Looks like it went to high the plane but I did plot in the cruise altitude FL380 so I’m a bit confused

@Joseph_Marcel This is strange, I have two third party apps open along with infinite flight on an iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB

Did you clear the cache?

Yes really strange I had just infinite flight open and Fr24 open at that time

Well I couldn’t as I said my iPad freezed

BTW I live in New Orleans

Hey, can you give us the replay? It’s easier for us to determine it’s game fault or Pilot’s responsibility.

Just use sharemyreplay and I will find the link.

Can you post a picture of the graphics settings @Joseph_Marcel


Please send the replay in this website and copy and paste the link.

@Joseph_Marcel First order of business, your rendering quality is way to high, and whats the replay code?

I know but can someone help me out here ?

Sure, @Joseph_Marcel, what can I help you with?

Well I really wanna continue on do my flight on expert I had great plans for today can’t fly on Ts1 for a week it’s horrible

Well get a mod over here then please

Don’t tag staff :)
@Joseph_Marcel Share the replay with us please

Oops sorry. I didn’t realize I put the @ sign.

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