Hey Pilots! When was the first time y'all played Infinite Flight?

I think it’d be cool to see when we all began playing this wonderful sim!
My first time was back in 2015 on the Kindle Fire. I practically had to beg my mom to let me buy the game. She had her whole “Why do you want to spend money on a game” talk. And here I am now, eight years later :)


I think on 2019 I’m not sure

i first played it about 2017 and then i found the game again in july 2022 and thats when i started to continuously play it

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December 1st, 2017. I was actually in an airport at the time.

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Since 2012
My mom was also the same
She had her “I’m not buying a $79.99 for a game!!”
Me 11 years later


I’m not sure when I first played Infinite Flight… I’ve got a few old videos from early 2017, but I first got multiplayer on my dads iPad right before global came out… so late 2017

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2013 i think

?? of August 2022

Very early on, like 2012 or so

I played it back in 2015 or 2016.

Yup. Now here we are spending our own money on this game

Exactly right after the download.

I have known about Infinite Flight since 2014, but at that time I was a kid (8 years old), so I didn’t have money to buy this game (my mom didn’t give me money to buy, and I didn’t have a credit card).

I had to play Airplane! (still on Google Play) instead of Infinite Flight because I didn’t have to pay for it. However, it was a nice memories. The main reason why I loved Infinite Flight was that it was the only mobile sim with a real livery (American Airlines, Qantas,… other games were Amarica Ailine, Qantus, Lofthansu,…).

Now, after 9 years, I can afford to buy a Pro subscription. I love aviation. I love Infinite Flight, and also the community!!!


My first ever time playing Infinite Flight was 2 years ago. I was shocked with everything what hapenned to me. My first every flight was also my first ever crash btw.

2013 or 2014 it was so exciting and still is and will forever be


To be honest,i dont remember,i remember first subscribing in 2018 with my Mother’s phone,i was very strict about me getting a phone back then,had a nokia in most of my teenage years.

I do remember fondly flying the A-10.

Yeah. Sometimes parents do be like that. Also, welcome to the community!

Sammeeee. I used to play those old Fly Wings sim games. Back then IF was five dollars and yeah I had to practically beg my mom to get it for me. Now I work and make my own money so I pay for my own sub

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I remember those days. When we didn’t know how to land an aircraft or how to properly take off. For me, it’s kinda cool to see how the game has evolved since 2015

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I started in 2022