Hey Nate, Where Are Your Movies?

So, yeah. For those who might ask, I’ve had multiple problems to deal with.

Firstly, there’s my style. I’m a perfectionist. Scenes sometimes take multiple times to film even due to a slight twitch in the Freecam. Another part of my style is that I basically like to “write” my films out. Shoot something that best fits a piece of soundtrack. I don’t just record a bunch of random scenes and just smash them together (even though that sounds convenient). That takes a while.

Secondly, school. It takes up a lot of my time. Homework gets real when in the final semester. And believe me, it’s the biggest kind of pain you get from school. I just want to work my art, dammit!

And recently, my MacBook caught a virus seemingly out of nowhere (the last thing I was doing before that happened was me doing a research project. I don’t recall clicking anything suspicious). That had to be fixed over almost a week, and guess what? I lost everything I was planning to or was working on. 😞

Well, it’s back up and running, and I’ll try and resume that commission I had for my good friend @DeltaMD88Fan and his (pending VARB approval) organization Infinite Flight Council of Airshows. It’s gonna look great once it hits the air 👍🏻

I enjoy making Infinite Flight content thoroughly. And that won’t stop any time soon



First of all at least you didn’t need to get a new MacBook as that’s a lot of cash 😬

And yeah…when a real life project hits you…it has to be done!..real life is a priority unfortunately but sometimes you want to create a movie which you love but real world stuff needs to come first and make sure to prioritise it!

Best of luck on your final semester!!

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Yeah. Just about two months until the end of my junior year.

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Hope you got some good content last night 😉

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NaTe ScHnElLeR

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whAt iS It


NoThInG JuSt WaNtEd tO sAy Hi HoPeFuLlY tHiS DoEsNt GeT fLagGeD Im JuSt TrYiNg To Be NiCe 👍PoSt MoRe ViDeOs OKAY


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