Hey my computer is weird

I am downloading the game infinite flight on my computer but I can get it on my computer because it is 4.99 $ but I already have on this on phone.

IF is not supported on computer. Could you specify what exactly you try to do as it would help us to help you better?


I am trying to get it on my computer but can’t because of pay.

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What kind of computer are you referring to here? And what device have you bought it for?

Infinite Flight is not supported on computer at all, and it has no plans to be supported on computer.


A dell computer.

Infinite Flight is NOT a computer application.


Please see my post and also @Thunderbolt‘s post. IF isn’t supposed to work on a computer, but it’s built for mobile devices and only supported on mobile devices.

Ok but I see people use it all the time.


As told by a number of users here now, we’re not a computer app. We’re mobile only.
I can only assume you’re trying to use Infinite Flight via an Android emulator at this point, which will not work.

The reason you’re asked to pay again, is probably because it’s not the same platform. Something paid on iOS, needs to be paid on Android again.