Hey, management! Why do you make parts of the world different from reality!

This time I’m on my way to Mojave.
On my way there, I noticed that Mojave, where in reality B747 class planes take off and land, is closed to B772 class planes and above?
What the hell is going on here?
If I can do it in real life, why can’t I do it in the game world? And that’s at a Class Bravo airport!
There must be a reason for the ban, right? Or did you just make up this rule without a reason? Just tell me so I can understand.

Hi, no need to call the management so quick. All the airports in the game originally came from xplane and were then redone by-hand by hunderds of community members. 3D buildings paused that process ,due to the fact that the old xplane format was not intended for anything 3D related, so a new system is currently in the works to unify everything in a new, better format.
As for your airport, it is either that an error slipped back in the 2017 edit, or, with the desert storage portion excluded, it very well may not actually have any 777 gates in the main portion of the airport.


Thanks for replying.
It seems to me that the former of the problems you suggested occurred, but not that long ago, in my opinion.
The reason is that I was able to spawn Mojave on my B787 until last spring.
And your suggestion of the latter, that there is no spot on the apron for the B777, is absolutely not true. I saw a B747 SOFIA taking off and landing at Mojave on FR24 a few days ago, and there is also a B744, GE’s engine test plane, at that airport. So there is no reason why a lower class B777 can’t get in.

In that case, you might have flown on Casual (size limits for spawns aren’t followed there) (maybe even training, I’m grade 1, so can’t check :p ), because, from the airport file, it seems impossible that you could have spawned in anything bigger than ICAO class B.

What leads me to believe that is the fact that the airport doesn’t contain any row code 15 gates (which is the old version with no control over the aircraft size that, in practice, means no size restrictions), and then all 48 of the newer row code 1300 gates don’t have a single row code 1301 metadata rows with ICAO codes over B, which you can check out for yourself by going to the airport file and searching for 1301 C, 1301 D, 1301 E or 1301 F.

This then means, that since at least 2017, the maximum aircraft size at Mojave was ICAO size B, which is nowhere close to a 747 or 777. So while there indeed seems to be no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do that IRL, in Infinite Flight, at least for now, it is impossible to do that on any of the servers that follow gate size restrictions.



As Alexander has mentioned, the reason you’re getting this message is because there’s no gates that can accommodate the 747 or 772. When our airport editors edit airports, they select a maximum aircraft size for each gate, and this is used to calculate whether or not an aircraft can fly there. The issue here is that while Mojave can accommodate a 777 or 747, there aren’t any gates added that will fit them, hence this message. It should be as simple as the next person who edits this airport adding some tie-down gates where aircraft are stored and making them big enough for all aircraft. In the mean time though, unfortunately all you can do is wait or fly on the Casual Server. Sorry!


Just to add, you can still land there with no penalties just you won’t be able to park at a gate big enough and or spawn there to start a flight. If you land there and want to take off again just make sure not to exit the flight.

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