Hey, issue with subscription

I would like to continue on the forum with an issue I’m having with my subscription… but I’ve maxed out on replies in a day… i have an earlier forum and would like to continue… if you reply to this is reply to you by editing this post! MY MESSAGE THAT ILL BE EDITING WILL BE UNDER here!!! Could you guys make it so I could reply?

What is the issue? We will gladly help you! Also this might belong in #support

Were you in a PM conversation with support? Your old thread was closed and it was being handled via PM.


Who were you replying to?

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He meant Mr.Schyllberg

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All you can do at the moment is wait a few hours for your count to reset and then you can reply. I cannot reset that setting for you.

Are you sure the pm was not closed? Can you do a new pm to him?

@Benjamin_Swedberg I can’t help but be a little skeptical about your claim, and I have a major reason why.

Earlier, you sent to us your payment verification email from Apple that looked like this:

However, the emails I get always look like this (without the personal info blotted out of course):

However, I may have made a mistake, right? Apple could have changed the email for you, right? Well, not exactly. The factor that proves it all: TAX. In your image, there was no indication of any tax being charged, and I don’t see any good reason why Apple wouldn’t charge tax for your subscription.
Also, it’s called 12 months in my bill instead of 1 year, and Subtotal is one word, not two.

@Benjamin_Swedberg , nothing is free in the world we live in.

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I’m 13 years old… I swear this is the exact email I got. I paid with a iTunes gift card and that could be why no tax?

Can you check for us if you got another email that looks similar to the one I received?
I hope you have some serious proof that you paid for a subscription…

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Nothing else in my gmail

Unfortunately you will need to contact Apple and request a proper receipt with the order number so we can further assist. Unless Apple has made a change to their receipts, I’ve never seen one so… simple.

Once you’ve acquired that, contact support at support@infinite-flight.com or #support so we can get you back in the air! 🙂

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I’m contacting Apple right now

Perfect, once done follow my instructions above. 🙂