Hey Im wondering what plane to fly for long haul

Can anyone tell me some planes to fly for long haul over 12 hours of fuel capacity thanks

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Got a ton of options
The Airbus A330, A340, A380.
The Boeing 747, 767, 777, 787
The Cessna Citation will
The DC10/MD11


If you don’t know what planes can fly long haul, then you’re not ready for long haul. It’s not as easy as it seems and I would encourage you to visit #tutorials to read up and watch some videos to ensure you give yourself the best chance of actually reaching your destination.


Ok I just needed planes


Highly Recommend the 777, most used plane by major airlines for ultra long haul flights.


Search on the Internet (Flight Aware) what airline fly that route and just select the corresponding aircraft.

The B777, A380, and B787 are very good for long hauls. Personally I would use the B777. But if your looking for long hauls, use google to search flights on https://www.flightradar24.com/33.66,-111.91/8. It will tell you everything from the route, the plane, ETA to dest., even the planes altitude.

If you know which route you are flying, best is you look up and see what plane is used in real life!

I know what you asked, however if you don’t know what the capabilities of the aircraft are then you are 100% not ready to flight plan a long haul trip. Hence my recommendation.

You should be more open to advice and expanding your knowledge rather than giving a blunt and somewhat rude reply, it doesn’t go down well on this community of friends.


If you are a boeing fan, than I suggest the 777-300ER. If you are more of an airbus fan, than I suggest the A330.

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B787 is what I have used for a 14 hour flight.

Or you can just pick a small plane, go on Solo and just keep refueling it as needed on your long haul…lol


Hey there,
As the fellow forum members before mentioned, there are many aircraft to choose from. As you are looking for a 12hr + flight, you may consider preferably the 340/380 and Boeing 747/777/787. These are the dedicated long haul airplanes in the sim. Some, like the 330, 757/767 or DC10 may have the capability of flying thus far, however these usually arent used for these kind of flights. Exceptions are of course being made.

Have fun,

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Aircraft: BOEING 777-300ER !!!

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Haha jk I would recommend a 787-8 and 9 👍

Everyone here mentioned airliners. Sad… I’ve used the C130 a handful of times on overnight long hauls. Fuel tanks max out just north of 14hrs. 🙂


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I’m with you, the Herc is an absolute beast when you get it prepped properly.

I managed to do KSAN-OMDB with fuel to spare!

The best one that I did was KLAS - GMMN. Sure makes you plan a precise route. But the satisfaction of completing the flight is more fun than your average airliner.

Ooo sweet, might have to give that a go and see if I can stretch its legs a bit further! Nothing wrong with some friendly competition, right?

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787 Is really good for long haul