Hey IFC I just decided to fly the world in a Boeing 737 700 bbj

If anyone wants to track me my call sign will be coorprate 737 700 I just finished my first leg and staying at klax for the night and then in the afternoon I am going to fly to sfo for a short time and then I’m gonna fly to Seattle Tacoma and so fourth and so fourth


Wishing you the best of luck!


Thanks I’ll take plenty of screenshots to share


Want to fly sometime

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Bon Voyage!!! On the journey

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What do you mean by this? I figured he is doing this on live so I think it would be more suitable for that category.

Well fine i rest my case
Casual Server
Live: Yes

How about that

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I feel like over the next couple of weeks, we will see a lot of posts like this.


I wish you best luck, but flying the world in a jetliner with APPR and a range like the B737 BBJ has doesn’t seem too special for me. If everyone shares his/her flight, the #live could get a bit crowded in near future, and if it is a thread like this without any maps, routes, detailed information, it should be closed to keep things organized imo. Nevertheless have fun!

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I’m gonna be on training server

When do you start? I wanna follow you

I’m gonna to start from Los angles this afternoon and I will post something saying that I started stay tuned for information later

Moved it to #live. I wish you the best of luck my friend! ;)

OK, tell me if you want, I can join you flight from some airport, we can fly together next to each other (I’m no planning a flight around the world just for example: LAX-SFO and than I will go, what do you say?

Yeah I’d like that I’m happy that you can tag along with me to sfo later today 👨🏼‍✈️👨🏽‍✈️

Thanks this will be my best accomplishment on infinite flight


What’s your Flightplan? I wanna see where this journey is taking you! Are you visiting every continent?

Yes I’m going to head around the world from Alaska and down the borders I don’t really have a flight plan yet I’m going to play it by ear

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Nice!!! Have fun!!! Update us here if you want!