Hey...i would like to join IFATC but am unable to message the staff in charge. Can anyone help me out ?

Im interested in joining ATC but dont see an option to message the person in charge. Could someone help me out ? Im grade 3

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Did you look here?

I think his problem is that he can’t contact a recruiter because his TL is too low.

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You are TL0, you must be TL1 at least

In that case, like some posts, comment on some threads, and I think you will be able to message a recruiter in no time!

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Hi…im sorry what is the TL ? And how do i increase it ?

It is probably due to you not being a high enough TL, (TL1) check this link out for more:


How do i know my TL ?

Once you reach Trust Level 1 (basic user), it should appear here:
For more info regarding Trust Levels see this post:

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Alright…thank you!

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