Hey I have a quick question

If I get a grade 2 violation, how do I take it back?

Does this mean I will have to wait a year to get back on Expert Server?


Not necessarily, go to your report history and view your most oldest report. With that date you will need to wait a year from then


So I have to wait a year to get back on the Expert server?

An you screenshot your report history?

I got it today

So I can’t be on Expert server for a year?

when did you get your oldest violation?

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I got it today.

scroll down, there are more violations at the bottom

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Why? And how can I recover is what I am asking?

If you scroll down there should be more violation if there is one down there show us the date and then thats the date you go back


@AmericanB772 what is the first violation you ever got? Because when that turns one year old you can go back on es


you cannot recover, u gotta avoid violations from now on until your oldest violation’s first birthday

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So I can’t be on expert until May 22nd?

Should I do a flight on TS without any violations?

no, that’s your oldest level 1 violation, you have to find your oldest level 2 violation, scroll up now

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that would not do anything to your violation history, violations cannot be appealed unless they were issued by an air traffic controller (I think)

Oh darn it looks like July 5th

My question is is there any way to recover by then?

I don’t think so. I guess you will have to wait until July 5 2023.


no, if u get another level two one you wont be flying on expert server until July 5 2023