Hey I have a problem with atc voice

I used to hear all different voices but then earlier today I changed it now I only hear one voice can someone please help me


Could you please tell us what device you are using?
A screenshot of what you have changed would help us too.

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I’m using the iPhone X and here’s a screen shot

This is what I changed

Hello @Michael_Czyz,

You’ve changed the voice for other pilots and ATC

Make sure that the ATC and pilots voices are different?

How do I do that I don’t know how to

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In settings for IF, you are able to see whoes voice you have chosen for ATC and pilot.

I think I figured it out I’m hearing different voices now thanks for all the help

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You can make sure that these two should be different

You can see two options to change the voice, the pilot voice is the voice when you are the pilot and talking to the ATC.

The ‘Default Voice’ is the standard voice that you hear (from the ATC and pilots)

Great to see you fixed it (:

Have a great day everyone

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Yes I see that or are you talking to him?