"Hey I bought some Appachies can you help me move them?" "Sure!"


We all love the Ukrainian AN-124, if you don’t then you’re lying to yourself. The AN-124 just flew four brand new Boeing AH-64E Attack Helicopters from Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA), Arizona, USA, to Hindan Airforce Base (VIDX) in India. An Antonov Airlines AN-124-100, which can accommodate up to five Apache helicopters, transported the aircraft, with a total payload of 39 tonnes including their dismantled rotor blades. The mission proved highly successful.

“The Antonov Airlines team was responsive and willing to support deadlines while applying for the complex overflight permits required for military cargo,” said Jon Roland, Boeing Program Manager.

“Antonov Airlines partnered with us to secure the required clearance and permissions, creating a cooperative environment to ensure smooth delivery.”

The Antonov and Boeing engineers collaborated closely on mission planning in real time during the loading process.

“We worked out how to best use the available space during loading to safely transport the cargo,” said Amnon Ehrlich, Commercial Director, Antonov Airlines USA.

“We also took into consideration the high summer temperatures in Arizona while planning the move.”

“The loading started in the early hours to avoid the high temperatures. Following a night-time departure, the mission was completed 24 hours later.”

Boeing has already contracted Antonov Airlines for further Apache helicopter shipments later this year.


Welcome to Russia Comrades…

Ukrainian but close!

Welcome to the Eastern Bloc then.

Ukraine* man

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One of the most stunning aircrafts I have ever experienced. I always follow their paths, to see if there is one Antonov landing in my local airport. I have recorded their takeoff roll with it’s super load and this was one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever listened to, comparing to local commercial jets. One of their stories is them planning on transporting a 777X Engine to Seattle, since no other Cargo Jets is capable of carrying such weight. During the Soviet era in the 60’s when the AN-124 was new, this was specifically designed to carry military equipment. One picture showed the Antonov’s Back Cargo door full of Tanks. Unbelievable how they can lift up in the air with such weight.


I live right near the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, and I saw this aircraft. It was pretty cool! :)

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Funny cause that plane passed right over my house earlier today. Would have never thought it was carrying 4 Apaches lol


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