Hey guys I think I may go spotting at my local airport today do you guys have any suggestions

I’m thinking of going to chandler muni to do some spotting today do you have any suggestions for me to take pictures on my iPhone im new to this whole spotting thing and I wanna get into it


Just take photos of the plane! It’s simple as that!


he wants to know good spotting locations…

Oh, in that case, try and find a park or parking lot near or next to the runway.

Just look for where aircraft depart and arrive, and look for the best location/the one you prefer.

If you have LiveAtc for that airport, listening to that while spotting is a nice additional touch :)

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Try to get a spot between the planes and the sun. Good luck with your spotting!

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I reccomend the Terminal 4 garage,you go to KPHX,am I right?

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Most important thing is enjoy it, sometimes it’s nice to just watch the aircraft take off or land, storing the images in your brain rather then your computer, but still take photos though 😅

Looking forward to seeing them mate!

Yeah thanks for your suggestion I think I may try there sometime

Google’s a good option, I did that for mine and saw a website dedicated to it with pictures, directions etc.

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What’s your local airport? Is it KPHX? (Someone in the community might know specific info about your airport.)

If it’s Phoenix then you are in luck for spotting because of the approach over Temple, just look at flights and Google maps.

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