Hey guys can help me

After so much time away from IF, I’m back. could someone help me to put my username in IF it only shows my callsing

Hey, welcome back, for other people, you callsign will switch between your callsign and username after a couple seconds (:

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Do you mean you want to link your IFC username with your Infinite Flight account?

Go to your user profile on the top right in Infinite Flight. Next, this is how you do it:

  1. Next to Community Forum Account, tap the “Connect” button
  2. A pop up will appear to confirm that you are happy for your information to be shared between the Infinite Flight app and website. Tap “Continue”
  3. A community.infiniteflight.com pop up will appear that will allow you to either login or create a new account (if you are already logged in on that device, it will automatically register this and you will only need to tap “authorize”)
  4. Once completed, it will return to the app and you will see that your IFC username is now displayed in the orange box

From the Getting Started Guide


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