Hey guy i have a question

Hello friends Is there an infinite flight facebook group in our infinite flight community? Otherwise I will create an infinite flight group and I will paste the link in a later post Thanks for d Have a nice day

Yes there is! IFFG, or Infinite Flight Fan Group, is a group on Facebook with over 20 thousand members. I don’t use facebook myself, but here is a link.

In the future, always search before you make a topic; your questions will often be answered ;)


Official Infinite Flight Facebook Account: image Infinite Flight - Facebook

While there is the Infinite Flight Facebook Group (IFFG) --> link here… The group is not associated with the Infinite Flight company whatsoever. Feel free to join it at your discretion though. All official Infinite Flight media will come from the Infinite Flight Community or Infinite Flight’s various social media outlets :)


ummm ok thank you guy

thank you guy
have a nice day

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