Herpa/Gemini Airport Photos!

Why are the foils so small? lol nice airport btw.


Because I made them

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Oh, I thought they were printed they looked so nice! Btw great job, your airport is defiantly coming along! 😀😀😀

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Haha thank you. And there must have been some confusion. They are printed. I meant I made them in I didn’t buy an airport mat or something.

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Oh, if u want the web site I got mine if of just ask me. My home made side of my airport, the foils are the right size for narrow body’s!

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I’d like that but I don’t want or pay for anything. I just printed those off of a site. Only money I’ll spend is on aircraft and jetways and vehicles for now.

Yes these are free.

You can get them at die cast aircraft.com

I want to steal all your Americans lol. I need that many for Philadelphia lol! Great job! 😍😍😍

You stole my JetBlue A320 I love NYC livery plane! Just pulling your tail✈!

Lol. That’s one of my favirote, just got it for Christmas and it looks amazing!

Same here! Great Christmas gift!

Yeah, my grandparents are really suprtive of me so for Christmas they say I can pick whatever out, so I lpicked that model! It’s a great plane especially as my one and only jetbleu for phly.

I also got the Veterens JetBlue plane, El Al Boeing 787-9 and a United ERJ-145LR as seen here:

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@PlaneCrazy I mean no harm in mentioning your topic in my conversation.

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Anyway, does anyone have a Herpa airport?

How much for the terminal and mat

Personally, I know that that the terminal and may for the new version together is like $200.

Great airport there. What scale is that?

The scale is all 1 400 and the terminal and map re both made by Gemini.

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