Herpa/Gemini Airport Photos!


Hello again! I was wondering who else in Infinite Flight has a Gemini jets model airport and or a Herpa airport? Post your photos of your Gemini Jets airport here!
I also have a poll for which one is better!

  • Gemini Jets (new layout)
  • Gemini Jets (old layout)
  • Herpa
  • Other Please Coment

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Nice airport, I don’t have one but I wanted one but they were expensive and my parents said no. I drew my own and is terrible. My hand drawn one has 5 gates and the terminals were shoe boxes. I wish I had one like yours.


Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere


You can get some from airlinemuseum.com (Plus shipping). The 1:400 Scale models cost around $32-$50. The cheapest I found was $28. I suggest you check them out.


Speaking of starting somewhere 2 years ago, I tried to make a 1/200 scale model airport since Gemini Jets doesn’t make them. I made the mat out of several pieces of paper.



American Airlines hub huh? Very interesting, what’s Airport did you represent?


Getting mine started :)


Ryan this incredible!


Wow, that’s something I’ve never seen before! American Airlines hub I’m assuming?


I have so many models that I can fill the entire airport with AA, WN or Delta planes alone.


Dude, I got models with a cluster of airlines here and there but you got yourself a full hub!


That’s about half my AA fleet, got a whole bunch more in 1/200.


I can see your setup in the back lol

I wish I could make this sort of models :(


That’s great!


You can see my diorama here:



Is your model airport 1/200 or 1/400?


1:400 scale.


Here is Philadelphia international!