Hermes Airlines Airbus A321

What is Hermes Airlines?
Hermes Airlines was a short-lived Greek charter airline that operated between 2011-2016. It flew on behalf of its parent company, Air Mediterranee.

At the time of closure, the Hermes Airlines fleet consisted of the following aircraft:

  • 2x Airbus A320

  • 2x Airbus A321

  • 2x Boeing 737

What is the Airbus A321?

The Airbus A321 is the stretched and largest member of the 320 family of aircraft. It usually seats well over 200 passengers and is used for high-capacity, medium haul routes.



File:Airbus A321-211 Hermes Airlines SX-BHT, LUX Luxembourg (Findel), Luxembourg PP1380043042.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This is exactly what I needed

Looks like a cool airline but I don’t think IF covers defunct airlines that aren’t around anymore, I don’t see many people using it.

Well what about Dutch Bird?

And air Berlin? And pan am?

Anyways, this is something I would vote for