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Scenario: You have just won the PowerBall Jackpot of 1 Billion Dollars US!! Hooray!! Being a huge plane buff and always having wanted to own your own plane, you decide to go out and buy one. It can be any plane you want from any manufacturer. Whats it gonna be and Why? Mine would be a Boeing 777-300ER with the standard Boeing livery!

If it is a plane that most people won’t be familiar with, feel free to post a picture.


You would go broke pretty quickly then…


Nothing big or too expensive cause I don’t have the funds for that fuel. Maybe 2 F-16s as escort and a Cessna citation X?

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I’d buy a piece of paper and make a paper airplane. Nice and simple.


737 MAX 8 BBJ with a blank livery , it is small enough to land pretty much anywhere I would land at, and enough range to make it to say an airport I could refuel at and be on my way!

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You say this. Yet you want this?! Lol

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Haha, save that money for something else!

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Hey F-16s are like 16 mil a pop. CCX is 23 mil. I can pay for fuel off the interest.

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Lol, hey an F-16 is small and Citation X is a drop in the bucket with a billion dollars.

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Totally a 757. More versatile than a 737, with a longer range.

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I would pre-order a 797 so I could be the launch customer.


It would probably be more expensive because they don’t make them any more. Unless you wanted a used one. I see your point.

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Haha, i didnt even think about the 797! Good Choice!!

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I would get the 797 to or the A350.

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There is a 757 for sale right now for 9.5million!! That would leave plenty left over for everything else!!

Would rather buy vbucks on fortnite :/

Just kidding! I would probably buy a 787. It has lots of room to fit my precious belongings in. It’s also my favorite plane!

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All of you except for @TheInitialVirus would be done Broke right now. 😆

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I don’t think I’d be

An Eagle Single Bell 212


Nice helicopter and nice background!!