Here to build the forum

The purpose of the Infinite Flight Community Forum is to provide official information related to Infinite Flight and a gathering place for its community members. To exist harmoniously, one must be here primarily to improve the community through their existence and provide constructive input into communal discussions. Because the Infinite Flight Community Forum is a collaborative community (as almost all forums are), users whose personal agendas and actions appear to conflict with its purpose pose possible harm to the forum itself and the community that surrounds it.

Being here to build the forum
Signs that a user may be here to build the forum may include:

  • Genuine interest and improvement of the project - A genuine interest in improving the forum. This often involves a wide range of interests (e.g., helping in #support, coming up with new ideas in #features, discussing real world aviation events in #real-world-aviation, and so on and so forth). It may also involve taking an active role in the community volunteering time to IFATC, Airport Editing, or a Virtual Airline.

  • Respect for rules and policies - Behaving in accordance with rules and policies when posting. Many of the rules on the forum can be found pinned at the top of each category.

  • A focus on community building - Non-community building posts are kept to a limited level in comparison with directly positive contributions to the community. These include but are not limited to joke posts (“Will there be a pepsi can in the A350?”) and badgering staff or moderators (“When is the update coming?”).

  • Learning from mistakes - When mistakes are made, their is a visible effort to learn from them. The user appears to take what they’ve done seriously and improves their ability and positive output.

Clearly not here to build the forum
Indications that a user may not be here to build the forum include:

  • Focusing on the Infinite Flight Community as a social networking site - A primary focus on the forum as a social networking space (self promotion posts or biographies are generally frowned upon).

  • General pattern of disruptive behavior - A long term history of disruptive behavior with no positive intentions. There are many things one can do to be disruptive to the forum and most of them are being listed here, therefore I will not get into specifics.

  • Trying to score brownie points outside of Infinite Flight - Behavior intended for the sole purpose of impressing or amusing third parties outside of Infinite Flight. These include gaming behaviors to attain a certain trust level (seems to be a huge problem here and will be discussed below), and the wannabe moderators who shitpost in attempt to build their resumé.

  • Dishonest and gaming behaviors - Gaming the system, impersonating a real world pilot, and other dishonest behavior. The forum is not a game, nor a place to boast about your fantasized career. These behaviors suggest motives such as “lulz” (amusement at destructiveness) or a complete lack of interest in good community practices. Don’t tell me this doesn’t exist, because I can name multiple people who do this off the top of my head; in fact, many of them will probably comment on this post! Surprise!

  • Little or no interest in working collaboratively - Extreme lack of interest in working in a collaborative community where views of others may differ; interest in furthering rather than mitigating conflict.

Because the Infinite Flight Community Forum is a collaborative community, the community tolerates some behavior that does not necessarily align with the projects purpose. These include certain joke posts, custom profile and user page pictures, and a wide range of other harmless content. However, behavior that stray too far outside of this is often frowned upon and determination can be often be made that this user is here for the wrong reasons. Examples include, using the forum as a social networking site, negative posts about other users, and laundry lists of complaints of what is wrong with the game. Let’s try to clean up as a community and ask ourselves why we really are here.

This post is meant to serve as a guideline to the forum. It is not a hard rule or policy but exists solely to describe best practices, clarify principles, and resolve conflicts. This is also my personal take on what it means to build the forum. If you have anything to add or comment on, I am happy to take part in civil discussion below.


I don’t understand. We have FaQ and ToS and all other guidelines. Can you summarise it even further please @naro.

It is quite clear to me - bad behaviour = suspension

Discourse is not a chat room


I was going to say this myself… The terms of service can be found here;

It’s a good effort, and I get what you’re trying to do however this is already publicly available information 🤷


You guys are literally being the opposite of the good points he’s making. I think this post will help the members understand how to be better community members, and not just shutting down posts as soon as they’re posted.


I agree, but if they read thr FaQ so on they would understand too

Well… Its all already here, beautifully made by the moderators and it’s quite easy to understand…


Yes, but let’s be real here, what are the chances a new member will read that?

What is the chance members read topics like this one and thr ones posted by @Kirito_77?


I agree. We could do better to help new users and help them build the forum with those who already do.

Sorry to be this guy, but I would watch the language, we have kids on the forums

Please everyone, let’s keep this on topic, which is whatever that is, like some said, I read about half 😇😂


Woop woop das da sound of da forum police. Woop woop das da sound of wannabes! Some things never change I guess.

Nice post, Naro!

I especially like this point! Thanks for sharing. I agree thoroughly with what you are saying.


That’s going in the book haha! 😂

*Book meaning just funny things members have said.

I do agree with this issue however.

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Thanks for the post. It contains many valuable points for people to consider.

This post is not the same thing as the FAQ or ToS. This was a simple post that made an attempt to make users reflect on what type of user they wanted to be. Nothing more, nothing less. Often times people feel the need to micromanage every thread which takes away from what makes the forum great.

Discussion is good and healthy. Agreeing or disagreeing is encouraged as long as it is in a professional manner and in line with the forum Terms of Service and category rules. However the forum is not a chat room and the forum has moderators that answer flags accordingly.

If there is a thread or post that needs addressing, please flag it. No need to have a 50 post discussion about it that throws the entire thread off topic when a simple flag could have resolved it.

To those replying, wee appreciate the willingness to help assist in keeping the forum tidy but please utilize the proper channels for it instead of making a new issue by clogging a thread with off-topic replies. Please let the moderators do their job.