Here’s to the A350!

It’s been a long journey. A journey so long that people kept asking: “When’s the A350 coming?”. But finally, it’s here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The brand new Airbus A350-900 just a few hours old from being released to eveyone! Man! Toulouse was packed this afternoon as eveyone was taking delivery of their favorite livery! T1TAN performed a shakedown test flight from Toulouse to Nice with the Carbon prototype livery! The flight was all about getting familiar with the aircraft and it’s featured which was all an easy breeze!

Here’s the highlight photo over SE. France with the moon rising in the distance!

Taken on the expert server time 3:10PM CST. edited with Adobe Lightroom!


This shot is absolutely incredible! Thought it was real for a second. The moon, the A350 and the Alps, stunning!

Excellent job, well done, thanks for sharing!

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That’s incredible screenshots loved!

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My infiniteflight didn’t up date is it really here

For a moment I thought this was real, the quality of the photos airbus puts directly on their website. This is amazing, absolutely stunned by this!

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