Here’s to a Fantastic 2021

I know this topic isn’t related to Infinite Flight or aviation. But read on. I felt it needs to be said. I guarantee it will change your perspective of life.

  1. Where to start.

We did it. We made it through a grueling, emotional, tough year. I’m immensely proud of all of you. 2020 was one of the most strangest years ever. We all went through it with similarities and differences.

One thing that perhaps we all went through one way or another was the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most horrible times in world history. To summarize it in just one or two words would be understating it. It impacted all of us in one way or another. We were all isolated. Most of us forced to work or study online. Separated from co-workers, friends, and extended family in the blink of an eye. It changed all of us. We were forced to come up with new ways of doing things. New ways to work. New ways to entertain. New ways to get food. It felt like our whole world was turned upside down in just a couple of short weeks. We went from travel, school, work, seeing others mask-free and lock-down-free to being sequestered in our homes in just a couple short weeks.

Some of us lost relatives or friends. Some of us are dealing with isolation. Some of us are dealing with financial hardships. Some of us are dealing with all of those, and the depression associated with it.

Yet, you did it. You persisted. I am so proud of you. You made it to see another day. You pushed through. You are strong! You, yes, you are loved! You are worthy of all of the good things life has to offer!!

After a year like 2020, it may seem very hard to appreciate the good things life has to offer. Yet, I can guarantee you that if you clear your mind and focus on the good, your life will change. It’s certainly helped me on some of my rough days.

Repeat the following things with me.

I am thankful for myself and the life I have been given.
I am thankful for a safe house and a place to live.
I am thankful for my health.
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for my clothes.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for food to eat.
I am thankful for finances which pay the bills and help to have a good life.
I am thankful for all of life’s joys, and the things that keep us going day-to-day.

Sometimes, thinking of happy memories you have and how you can’t wait to do them again or make even more happy memories after the pandemic, helps.

Also, don’t forget to think of the good things that happened in 2020.

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that we should never take things for granted.

The house you live in? Is the dream of the homeless.
The food you eat? Is the dream of the hungry.
The health you have? Is the dream of the sick.
Take a moment to think of other things you may have taken for granted and take some time to appreciate them.

If you’re bored sitting at home day after day, clear your mind and go try something new. Don’t let yourself get caught in a depressive loop doing the same thing every day. A few friends I was talking to last night inspired me to do this.
Those trails down the road from your house that you’ve never explored? Get some fresh air and check them out. That bike you have sitting in your garage that you haven’t used in ages? Go take it for a spin around the neighborhood. That pretty park, creek, stream, or pond in your town? Go check it out, explore the wildlife and the nature that is yet to be seen. The new restaurant that opened in up your town? Go check them out if you feel safe doing so. You get the gist of it. Try new things. It makes you happy!

2021 is whatever you make of it. Always value the good things, look on the bright side, and have a good time.

To wrap this up, I challenge you to write below:

  • At least three things you’re thankful for
  • At least three people in life you’re thankful for
  • At least one good thing that happened in 2020
  • At least one new thing you plan to do to get yourself out of the gutter

Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read this. I really hope you were able to get something good out of it, and that you will look on the positive side of things.

To the moderators and staff team, I apologize for making an out of place post, I just really felt this needed to be said to everyone on this forum to lift people’s spirits. If you decide it to shut it down down, I understand.

If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. No matter who you are, I can listen to you, be there for you, be someone to talk to. And I encourage you to be someone else’s beacon. Be there for others.

Happy New Year!! I pray 2021 is filled with blessings, good news, health, prosperity, and all the joys of life for you, your family, your friends, and the world.

  1. The awesome friends I’ve made on this community

  2. That I have managed to stay healthy

  3. You and your 46 discord calls per day 🥰

  1. My parents

  2. My teachers that have adjusted and have voluntarily changed their teaching styles to accomodate for this new situation

  3. My IFC friends and family

Plan ahead. Helps a lot.

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3 Things I’m thankful for:

Community through all this
Staying healthy along with my friends and family being healthy

3 People:

Many people here

1 Good Thing:

Made it to state finals in soccer when I didn’t think we’d have a season!

1 Thing for the Future:

Finding motivation through it all

Happy New Year everyone! 🎊

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Brother & Sister.

I found the difference between poisoned happiness and eternal joy.

Acing my upcoming PSATs and SATs.

Thank you for this post, it will eventually get locked, but it gives us some time to discuss the “reworks” and “liveries” of life.

  • Definitely my family who provide my shelter, nourishment, and all their everlasting care
  • This sim which provided an easy escape from reality, doing what I love the most
  • This community- even though I don’t really have many friends here as before, I still come here as a safe haven and a place to escape from reality. Thanks for all the entertainment and good times!
  • My parents, who always encourage me to do better and life and the sole reason I can attend a flight school. They are the ones who keep the ball rolling
  • For my friends, who even though are cut off, will always be by my side supporting me and vice-versa. I miss all of them dearly despite meeting up with them a few times over the summer.
  • All the essential workers who persevered through the toughest of situations and worked tirelessly to keep the world moving. Thanks for doing your part guys!
  • During January-March I met so many people from school who would become my friends. I hope to see them sooner rather than later.
  • Worked out a lot more this year to the point where I feel much better about myself physically and mentally
  • It’s 11th grade for me, so ai definitely need to work out and distract myself with the idea of college and my future
  • Maybe try to boost my confidence and ask someone I know out

I absolutely love this post, this year has been just disastrous and we just weren’t ready for it. I hope we just sit back and think of all the positives this year brought. We may never want to remember it again, but sometimes it’s beneficial to look back on the past and cherish those memories. To the new year!🎉

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That I’ve met so many friends here.

Being able to make so many other friends outside of the IFC through my hobbies.

That I haven’t got corona (yet)

SSS, Long Island Vibes, and the Alliance Fence Walkers (spotting)

Graduated high school and got a very well paying job that I’m hella grateful for.

Get to working on the UPS ramp at DFW. My current job with UPS already has me a leg up on a ton of people.

Beautiful post, Rocco. Here’s to a fantastic 2021 and one where I finally get to meet more of y’all in person.

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  1. My family who has supported me in my goals and have always been there for me

  2. How fortunate I am to be able pursue my goal of becoming a pilot. I am lucky to have a fantastic flight school and mentors

  3. My friends who are always willing to grab lunch or even play some warzone

My father, mother, and sister.

This year was actually a weirdly successful year for me. I was able to fly solo on my 16th Birthday which was great. I also flew solo cross country twice which was great.

IFC wise, I was promoted to IFATC Trainer, Supervisor, and Recruiter this year which has been an amazing experience.

Well, I hope to continue losing weight. 2 years ago I was 5’4”. Now I’m 5’11” and thanks to working out I’ve been able to maintain the same weight during the growth which is similar to losing 30+ pounds. I also am hoping to get my PPL on my 17th birthday this year which would be fantastic.

Live laugh love 👌🤪

Thanks for this topic, Rocco. :)

  1. Being healthy
  2. Don’t have a lockdown
  3. The IFC, Infinite Flight and one I have been chatting with a long time @Pilot_Waters
  1. Family
  2. All my friends
  3. Can go to school

Got a new fun hobby

Make plans with friends and «Look Ahead» my life

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  1. Life, literally.
  2. Everything, whether it will be a chair I sit on or the food I eat or shelter.
  3. Aviation & music
  1. Family
  2. Friends & folks on the IFC, such as @Adventures & @Jennifer23
  3. First responders, because it’s been a difficult time & they’ve done so much for us all.

Produce my first song & probably work with SFO airport soon.


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