Here is my flight from KLAX (Los Angeles), to KSFO (San Francisco) from a few weeks ago!



What was your favorite?

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Hey there!

You may wanna put info such as

  1. Flight Info
  2. Flight Time
  3. Server

Other than that, Great pics!


Well as you can see I was not in Multiplayer, so I don’t
see why I would do that. If you want I”ll edit it. 🙂😉.

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Nice photos! I would have a look at the rules for posting screenshots though.

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I did already. I checked it 20 times.


You are limited to sharing 10 photos. It appears you posted 14.

Except I did a terrible job with the photos sorry bout that.

Read the above posts, please. And if you’re gonna post a link, at least tell him what he’s doing wrong rather than just giving him a link and saying he’s doing it all wrong. Beautiful shots, @J_1! 😍 🥳

I did admit the photos were too long

I was not referring to flight info such as time, airport, aircraft. If you look at my post above, it’ll explain;)

I did. Still doesn’t change the fact that you just posted a link telling him he was doing it wrong. I understand you corrected it afterwards, but let’s try to be productive with our posts. Feel free to message me if you would like to continue this further.

Okay,thank you.

Frist we can’t see bc you didn’t put what server

Also you can still see what your flight time is on a solo server

FLIGHT TIME 50 MINUTES. If you are wondering.

Nice photos

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Its LAX to SFO
LAX has concrete runways
SFO has asphalt runways.
You would be flying north not south
If you were flying from SFO to LAX the portside wingtip would face the sun rising and you will be flying south.
If you were flying from LAX to SFO the starboard wingtip would face the sun rising and you will be flying north.

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Unfortunately, #screenshots-and-videos only allows 10 photos max