Here is a view form 5,000,000ft in the air

So I was looking at my old replays and I discovered a 4 hour flight almost 8 months ago. And instead of replays show me the flight, it took me to 5,000,000ft even though I wanted to see the flight, it is pretty cool.

So here is my flight info, i took off on the 4/6/19 (DD/MM/YYYY) from OMDB going to Athens (LGAV i think?) I was on a A380 flight. Pretty basic.

Please tell me if you have experienced this glitch before.


Flat earthers been real quiet since you posted this


I believe the earth is spherical. 🦄

Nice pictures!

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Well then, I don’t think they ever returned to Dubai or land at Athens? Did you?

It’s obviously a fake though. The A380 would never fly with a lowered landing gear at this altitude.

Infinite Flight Easter egg


Whoa!!😱 Crazy

What? I thought the earth was shaped like a dinosaur chicken nugget??


How did you even get there

As I said, i just went to a replay from almost 8 months ago and it just happened.

I’ve done it before