Here are some screenshots of airports in progress!

Exactly right. I’ve edited the title to avoid any confusion! These are just airports in progress at this time until they’re selected and confirmed for a particular release cycle.


Since it’s clear these are WIP and not yet confirmed for the next update or any specific update at this time, would it be ok to reveal the Airport ID ?

What is the point of now permitting 3D WIP pics and not saying what it is. Some are obvious others are not. Just ID the place it won’t kill anybody.


That should be a priority (cough cough)

I just hope San Jose (KSJC) comes in the next update.🤞

I think some of the editors don’t id airports just so people can guess the airport, i’ve seen some name the airport so i assume it’s there choice

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After this airport releases in 3D, this will DEFINITELY stay as the best flight simulator i have ever played! No regrets!

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Definetly. I agree with you.

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I just want someone to tell me that LYBE (Belgrade) is in progress 🙏

One of the editors’s said in Dan’s stream yesterday that Belgrade is not currently in progress.

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This would probably met with no disclosure, but is there any way a list of airports are “in work of progress” can be released?
It’ll be a long list without a shadow of doubt but also to give airports not been worked on some love and 3D build💛💛💛

Yup always playing games with IF. Guess this , guess that. I did that alot in elementary school.
and some board games. 🤷‍♂️

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Wonderful ! Thank you for your amazing work ;)


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Super excited for KEWR!!


It is my home airport, and I love that place! Super excited to see it when it comes out!


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