Her Majesty the Queen | Heathrow - Cape Town | British Airways 747-400


Flight from London-Heathrow to Cape Town with some cool views here and there. This part of my list of flights for this month

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: B744 (747-400)
Airline: British Airways
Callsign: Speedbird 59
Route: EGLL - FACT
Flight Time: 11h and 6 minutes
Server: Expert

Lining up onto Runway 27L at Heathrow, with Turkish 787-9 departing from Runway 27R

Departing RWY27L at Heathrow, with ATC Tower in the background

The Queen of the skies banking over Paris, with Orly and Charles de Gaulle airport in the background

Now over the Mediterranean, with the Algerian and Tunisian coastline in sight

Over the Sahara Desert, nothing but sand, and a small shadow in the sand

Now about 182km (113 miles) away from the city of Douala, Cameroon. Here you can see Mount Cameroon, an active Volcano at about 4,040 metres (13,250 feet)

Now a left wing view of the Angolan coastline, about 71km (44 miles) away from Angola’s capital and largest city, Luanda

Descending and banking over the Matroosberg/Hawequas Mountain Catchment Area

Landed on RWY01 at Cape Town

Parked at Gate A03


Wow, awesome photos 😁


Thanks you!

Bonus moonshot as well


These are absolutely phenomenal shots, especially the first and second ones! Great job!

Beautiful pictures! Love that first shot and the moonshot above is nice too.

This moon shot is gorgeous!

Thank you! @CoastieJim, @Mr-plane-guy1, @N908QD

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