Henry's Radar Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

All good! Remember to spawn in again, prefereably from the west please :)

Gonna have to close after your handoff @Stef_Smet as my practical is very soon, please leave feedback!

This was again a good ILS approach!
The only thing to say is have a good practical Henry, I bet you’ll do just great!😉
Cheers Stef

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Opening KMSO Approach after a miserable practical failure (just kidding, I was soo close to passing.) Highly recommending you guys to do INBOUND only plesase!

@ShaneAviation @Adrian_K @Stellar_G @Stef_Smet @HappyDays @Aviation2929 @Samyak_Siddhanta @DhruvChopra @Divyansh_Tandon @Sierra_Golf @kieran464 @Andres_Arevalo @Gliding_Central

i’ll come if your still open in 30 mins :)

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Thanks very much for coming, but I have training session at that time so I suggest you go to that instead! Take a look in IFATC discord

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Closing now as I have training session

Cannot open this type of airport

Gonna close sorry for tagging yall !!

Opening another one?