Henry's Radar Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys pls come for radar patterns im tryna practice in my free time

Airport: N/A

Server: Training

Runway: N/A

Focuses: Any

Approach type: Any

Trainer: @Gliding_Central


I’ll stop by at your next session if possible, feel free to tag and I’ll let you know.

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Thank you and i apprecite it

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Status: Closed

Will be open at 1900Z tomorrow

Status: Open

SCEL radar patterns plz


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Plz come im not getting anyone :(

Coming over!

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Omg thanks alot my friend!

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Started up a flight because I was going to be afk for a bit, I’m so sorry!

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All good!

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@Stef_Smet Closing in 10 bro

@Stef_Smet Closed! Please feedback below. Also, mind if I tag you next time?

Will be open 1900Z tomorrow :)

Hey Henry, here’s a little feedback of your session at SCEL.
Radar vectors to the field very good. You put me on a left base for rwy17L/R on a comfortable distance.
The ILS approaches were good but only a few times you had to correct immediately to give me the
final interception vector for the ILS approach but you were quick and that’s a very good thing!😉
Interception altitudes were always great!
Handover to UNICOM always correct.
No altitude incursions aircraft/ground.
So this was a very good session only a little more traffic would be nice not?
Tag me for future sessions and I’ll be happy to attend!
Cheers Stef

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Currently open at SKBO

@Shane @Adrian_K @Stellar_G @Stef_Smet

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Currently landing at KDEN, then I can stop in!

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Thanks! Give feedback on the plan also because just a heads up the ILS downwind may be a bit long due to terrain

Let’s do some patterns shall we not!😉

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Surely! Cant wait to see you here again hehe

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Will join in a while. Gotta feed my dog

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Ignore Emirates Everyone he doesnt know how to use the ATC properly :)

Thanks @Adrian_K