HenryD1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NZAA

hello everyone!
I’m HenryD1, I am an IFATC and I am practicing IFATC radar exams.Any feedback is very helpful, and I wish I could control some planes, so that I can practice ILS interception and air conflict, terrain conflict, vis approach !Thank you for your help!

Training Server


Runway 05 in use




You can ping me when you’re open. ☺️

NZAA A Open (TS) @Henrik003 @taipeiguru

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I won’t be able to come today, need to get some sleep, but please tag me next time you open!! I would love to swing by

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PP-AST here, and great work on my ILS approach!
Just pay attention to the altitude for those on visual approach and that’s all my feedback.
Hope to see you in the team one day :-)

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NZAA A Closed!thanks for coming and your feedback @Korgast

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NZAA A Open @Henrik003 @BT_HANDLES @taipeiguru

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I am coming now!

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Feedback From N1HE

  • Initial Vectors were perfect good job!
  • Good timing on the base turn.
  • Clearance was too early (see picture) if you gave me the clearance a bit later it would be a flawless intercept.
  • Good Job Today keep it up!

    You can ping me next time again!
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Hello, thanks for the service! No issues to note from 6O-SMA everything looked great.

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I also found out that I gave it too early🤣
Thanks for coming @Henrik003 @BT_HANDLES ❤️


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