HenryD1's ATC Tracking Thread-[CLOSED] @ N/A[PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello everyone!
I’m HenryD1 , I’ve just passed the IFATC written exam, I’m now practicing for the IFATC practice exam. Any feedback is really helpful, I hope that I control a few planes so I can practice sequence and ground conflicts.

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I’ll stop by

Coming in :)

501HW- Feedback

  • good job on transition
  • good ground awareness
  • could have had me turn left traffic on rwy change since I was the only one . Overall well done ! Keep up the good work. See ya in IFATC soon

Thank you for your feedback, I will improve myself and continue to work hard!

All I can say “see you in IFATC soon” it was the best I was “NEMO6”

Korean Air (Private a318) Feedback:

  • No sequencing on the pattern entry.
  • To avoid conflict with other aircrafts, you should give me a faster sequence on the Go Around.
  • Good transition.
  • Good call on the G/A.
  • Good timing on the “Exit runway” command
  • Good clearances.

Great work! Best of luck in your IFATC practical exam!

thanks for your feedback, nice day!

Nice nice!

I am about to start today’s training, and today is IFATC last training before the practical test. I also hope you feedback more thank you! Here is today’s information on training.
Training Server



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Hey ill come on!

KNUQ Now closed good day!

Good luck for the practical test! Good controlling all the best.

Thank you! Good day!

All the best!

I have become IFATC, title revised late.


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