Henrik003‘s Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hello all and welcome to my Radar Tracking, I want to improve my Radar skills with this tracking thread, feedback is much appreciated! Feel free to stop by!

Airport: N/A
Approach Types: ILS, VIS, GPS (with stars) Radar Vectors
Runway‘s in use: N/A
Server: Training

This Thread was approved by my Trainer @Syncline

Tags: N/A

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I passed my practical today I’m am very happy thanks to everyone who attended at my old tracking thread I haven’t used this thread unfortunately but I want to thank you all who attended and my other one: @FN60fps @BT_HANDLES @Aiden_Forusz @RickG @J-F_V @Lion_50 @Destroyer350 @RafaelPadilla
and everyone else!

This Thread can be closed now.
Have all a nice day! 😊



Hope to open with you soon


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