Henrik003’s ATC Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @LOWS

Radar Tracking Thread from Henrik003

Hey all! I just started with radar training. and want to improve my radar knowledge/skills!

Feedback is much appreciated!

Airport: LOWS

Runway: 15

Server: Training

Please take the focus on ILS approaches Visual , / Radar Vectors GPS Approaches with Stars

This thread was approved by my trainer @Edoardo_C/@Syncline


@FN60fps / @RickG / @Jumbo-Jan @J-F_V / @RafaelPadilla

Have a nice day :)



Hey, I am now open at LIMLon the Training Server.

Runway 36 is use
Please Request ILS Approaches, Visual Approaches and Radar Vectors!

Hope to see a few stopping by :))


I am now closed thank you to everyone who joined today!


Now Open at LIML
Runway 36 is in use.
Please request ILS, Visual Approaches and Radar Vectors.


I will be there soon!


Awesome see you soon!

@Henrik003 (OK-LOL) feedback

  • Heading 160 and 170 vectored me into a kind of tight downwind which after became a fast final turn. heading 180 would have been more appropriate initially.

Otherwise, nice altitude assignments, intercept, report airport insight, clearances, and handoff.


Thanks for your feedback! Appreciate it and thanks for stopping by!
Wish you a nice day :) 👍🏼


Same for me (D-LARS) nicely done 😊


Hello @Henrik003, I was the one who was controlling ground and tower, I am currently preparing for the IFATC practical exam so I decided to help you out

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I am now closed!

Thanks for attending @FN60fps @XY_MAGIC


What airport are you doing next? I was about to come but I was just too late!!

Nice job also. Thanks for the service


Your welcome! I accidently issued a pattern work to all visual approaches which was unnecessary because I was working with radar and therefore only a sequence is required if there are not number 1.


It was great to see two trainees at one airport. I loved it… if possible you could do this more often.


I am now Open At LIML

Runway 36 in use

Please request ILS/Visual Approaches and Radar Vectors

On the way 10

I am now closed!

I’m now Open

Airport: LIML, Runway 36 in use

Request ILS/Visual Approaches/ Radar Vectors

@FN60fps @IF787 @RickG @Jumbo-Jan @XY_MAGIC

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Feedback: V8-ENG

  • [20:47:50] & [20:56:39] - It would’ve been better if you gave me HDG 150 initially - 30 degrees off from a downwind heading of 180. The 140 you gave me at [21:05:38] is also fine, since the runway headings here aren’t the best to work with.
  • [20:53:01] - You can hand off as soon as you’ve cleared an aircraft for the visual, you don’t have to wait for them to turn to final.
  • [20:51:54] & [21:00:41] - HDG 270 would be better for the base turn, the 260 at [21:12:28] was also fine, again, cause of the runway headings at LIML.
  • [21:08:01] - I don’t know if your finger slipped, or you actually meant to give me HDG 160, 180 would’ve been preferable.
  • [21:14:17] - The intercept was, technically, ~30 degrees, so I’ll let that slide.

Overall, there aren’t any show stoppers, just some things to polish on. I’d recommend training at another airport, though, with better runway headings - the ones at LIML are really in-between-ish and aren’t exactly helpful for establishing controller habits. Thanks for having me, feel free to ping me for future sessions - I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to attend, but I’ll pay a visit whenever I can!

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