Henderson State Aviation Fleet




Wow! That’s pretty amazing!

Avidyne… oooh. Not to sure about that. I personally prefer G1000 over Avidyne. Personal Preference. Other than that, great pictures. Interesting Fact: Embry Riddle has a few Maules.


Thanks Appreciate it. There definelty a handful to fly especially in a good crosswind.

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Thanks Appreciate it

Another fact: Most aviation schools have the school initials in the callsign, hence the “HS” at the end. The school I work for has pipers from a North Dakotan school, and there is a “ND” at the end of those callsigns.

Really I didn’t see any Maules when I visited their campus in AZ but they might be in Daytona

HS- Henderson State ND- North Dakota

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There fun sporty planes to fly.

I thought Prescott had them. I could be wrong, but I do know 100% they have a few.

They could’ve all been in the hanger too so I probably just didn’t look hard enough

Are there maules taildraggers or tricycle gear

ER has Tricycle

Figured. Our school has some of the only tricycle gear Maules

Thought I’d post this here since we’re discussing colleges. This past November San Jose State University’s Precision Flight Team hosted the annual competition at my local airport Reid Hillview. Several colleges flew in the from the west and it was very cool talking to them and their experiences being on the team. Events at the competition included simulated engine out landings, message dropping (used to be called bomb dropping but they changed it for obvious reasons 👀), and dot landings.

Some notable colleges/academies that were here: Embry Riddle Prescott, USAF Academy, SJSU, San Diego Christian. Here’s some photos I got from the event 📸

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Two of Riddle’s Maules at KOSU.

Picture is mine. @N1DG

SDCC’s plane look familiar? lol image

Taken at NIFA Safecon 2015: Aircraft lining up to do short field landings. My plane was somewhere in that line near the middle.

Planes for Days

Great shots man! Did you happen to get any of SJSU? They always go to Ohio for the finals.

Appears the guy in the last pic is checking out that chick too :з

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Gotta look through the pictures. Ill let you know