Henan Airlines E190-B3130

                              **Henan Airlines E190** B-3130


About Henan Airlines

Why we should add the livery?

  1. Yichun Air crash 2010 was a regret to aviation and it was the only air crash of E190. More people should remember that and I wish B-3130 can finally peace and landing in IF.
    Information about Yichun Air Crash:
  1. Henan airline is a Chinese province owned company which can let more people know Henan Province.
  2. Henan province now have 4 airports but non of them are 3D. As the middle part of China, Henan is very important to short haul in Chinese national routes. Thus Henan airlines can encourage Henan Airports’ 3D development.
  3. More livery choice of E190 publish :)