Helvetic Airways ERJ-190

Beautiful plane with a beautiful livery, this would be great addition since there is a lack of liveries on the ERJ-190 in Infinite Flight.

Link to the Picture

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Nice! Flying on this in September to EGLC hopefully. Would be a good addition 🙂


Would be great with an E-190 rework


Went on this from ZRH-PRG-ZRH a while back. Great on the outside as well as on the inside.

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That is definitely a cool, modern-looking livery — unfortunately I’m currently out of votes… Hmmm.

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Nice, clean, modern livery. I love that font! This livery would be great.

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Very nice livery for the E190. Would be nice to fly it around Switzerland in global flight!


Y eees, love this aircraft and Helvetic Airways 😍

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That is such a gorgeous livery!!! I would always fly it if it’s added!


this one has to be addded to the e190 series

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Very nice livery! We need more ERJ Liveries!

I love the simplicity of the livery! The embrace family generally needs a rework and I hope to see it after the CRJ rework!

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