Helvetic (2L1623) E190 Milan/Malpensa-Zürich

My next flight took me from the Italian valley where Milan is located, to the montaineous terrain that surrounds Zürich.

I used the E190 with the Helvetic Airways livery (which ls usually done in the E190E2).
I wasn’t sure to either follow the KELI2G arrival with Rwy 28 approach, or just file a 28 approach directly. In the end, I followed the STAR, which made the approach fun stuff (this STAR makes you overfly LSZH, take the GIPOL waypoint, and then make a 180° turn to head to end of RWY’s 28 ILS cone).

Approach was ok, not the most stable, but constantly on the ILS. Even though I know I don’t have to flare the E190 (the ground effect cushions the landing just fine), I pulled up the nose a bit, resulting in some mild floating (still negative. Had it been positive, I would have redone the flight). Then I taxiied to parking.

Here are the screencaps:

At Milan/Malpensa (LIMC):

Blasting off through runway 35R:

Over the snowy Alps:

Descending, preparing to do the KELI2G STAR:

Everything extended and on long final:

Short final at Zürich:

Floating a bit down runway 28:

Parked at a random gate in Zürich/Kloten.


Beautiful pics!!

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