Helsinki to New York | A350-900 | Finnair

Misha, you’re banned. United doesn’t fly to JFK.


Nice pictures!

Those photos are beautiful! Can u please teach me how to do them sensei?

@anon79257371 wow I’m honored 🤩

@RTG113 😂👀

@Captain-787 Thank you!

@SahyaQFFlyer Thanks lol, all you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust ✨


@anon38496261 Thanks! maybe I can squeeze you in 😉


And @flyme2bluemoon it’s called a moonshot, here is a tutorial on one.

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Yo, nice pictures! I hope that next time Suhas Air won’t forget my United Airlines 747 memorabilia ;)

Noice pictures. The blur is incredible!

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You really do like the Led blur. 😄


Stunning pictures.

@MrAirplaneGeek Thanks, I’ll add you to the ever growing list 😂

@GreenFire Thank you 😄

@ThomasThePro yeah slightly addicted, doctor prescribed medicine for me though luckily 😜

@Adrian_K thank you 😉

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I can’t get enough of that fourth photo! Thanks for bringing the One World Trade Center back to New York!

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There goes my Formula 1 car at 300 kilometres an hour. 😂

Good shots mate, thanks for the delivery!

By the way, spill the beans @Suhas! What do you use to edit? My photos did not look half as good! I use snap seed…

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Hopefully 9/11 would never happen again… thee are raw forages of the second crash on YouTube

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Wow amazing. The last one is just stunning

@PocketRishi Thanks so much, and no problem 😜

@RileyBozina 😂 np bud

@SkyTrail So do I 😂 what you are missing is faith trust and pixie dust ✨ (by the way… the one world trade center is not the twin towers, it was built after 9/11 ;)

@Vortex Thanks so much!

Sorry guys I used up all my likes lol 😐


How come I didn’t get anything? This thing is rigged.

Great shots!

Lol sorry, I’ll ship the JFK ATC tower for you next time.

And thanks!

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@Suhas great pics! Loving all the blur effects.

Could I ride jumpseat on your next flight?