Helsinki to New York | A350-900 | Finnair

Helsinki to New york

omg hi
So this flight was a bit ago, when JFK was featured. It was a fun one, Took off with the sunrise and chased the sun westward. Had a lot of traffic at JFK, including a close call with Misha! Anyhoo idk what else to say, so um, yeah.

Flight "deets"

Callsign: Finnair 5 Heavy
Flight time: 8:07
Altitudes: 380, 400, 420


At the gate in Helsinki loading @Butter_Boi’s wax figure Rick Astley collection, the One World Trade Center for @PocketRishi, exactly one playing card for @Pingu, 27.3 yee haw hats for @LoneStarAviation, an olympic sized peanut butter pool for @reer104, Mangoes and professional juice manufacturers for @Captain_JR so he can have freshly squeezed mango juice, a rubgy pitch for @BadPlane, @Jake_Seitz’s Encyclopedia of Korea, @Jack_Q’s skis, a mountain bike for @KGJT-9149, a PetSmart store for @Speedyyy and Cooper, another beach and fancy beach chair for @Mr-plane-guy1, @Cpt_Zorndy’s therapy Kiwi, a 1:1 Delta MD88 model for @Lucas_Piedra, a hot tub full of chicken wings for @MJP_27, @Thunderbolt’s @Asher, @Drummer, and @snoman bobbleheads, and his surfboard, 2 out of @Hardlanding_Hussain’s ordered 40 SR-71 blackbirds, an official Mclaren f1 car for @Rilej_aviation, a Spongebob merch store for @GameBoy_KIRB, robots for @Buttermachine737, “mouses” (no clue what kind, animal or the computer type, idk lol) for @Austrian001, Top Gear episodes for Captain Suhas, and a fridge stocked full with Strawberries for @Astreal. And some fuel to keep all of that ^ aloft. I don’t know how many more people we can accept here at Suhas Air lmao

And rotating out of Helsinki in the early morning light, with precious cargo on board!

Banking as the man on the moon wonders why we have such epic cargo

Lots of ocean later, a close call with @BostonStrongWill

TOD! Getting close!

Lots of vectoring later, we have a not-so-parallel approach with @AviationHub365

Let’s just pretend I said something really cool and inspirational right here

And a quick spine breaking landing later, we are one engine taxiing with @AviationHub365 nearby once again

@MishaCamp Taxiing behind me, hi Misha!

And at the gate in JFK with the sun shining on us as we unload our various cargo!

Thanks for looking guys, cya next time!
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Lovely pictures, thanks for those strawberries!
Also, I might need some bananas next, the smoothie is NOT COMPLETE! :0

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Loved the departure you had

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Hey you left my parrots at the airport, I will sue Finnair now. :)


Ahem… Suhas Air losing customers.

Great pictures @Suhas!


How long do you take just pinging people?

Nice pictures

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Hello, these pictures are amazing! but you can only include 10 pictures per topic if I’m not mistaken.


thank you for the Blackbirds!

very inspirational!

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Ahhas oh my god, idk how I missed that. Thank you, axing one.

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No problem mate, it happens! Other than that these a what’s called quality!

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Omg these photo’s are amazing, love the first one, I’ll be on the look out for more.

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@Astreal roger, bananas comin next time

@GameBoy_KIRB Thanks, I did too :)

@InfiniteFlightGeek aaek sorreee I forgot, I’ll add you

@ran well to be fair you never told me what you wanted, so uh, guess I’ll surprise you. Thanks!

@Luke_King-kong Thanks, yeah this post took me more than 30 minutes, wasn’t easy lmao

@Hardlanding_Hussain haha thanks and no problem :D

@Lawin_S Thanks for telling me, and glad you enjoyed!

@Anthony_Williams Thanks!


Thanks for the chicken wings!! I might need you to ship a volleyball net with a volleyball next!

And awesome photos!!


Appreciate the delivery, even ahead of time, exceeding expectations, I like that.

It’s Pineapple season right now, as Mango season ended in June. Waiting for the next batch of Pineapple Juice and also Grape Juice starting Aug-Oct :)

And as always amazing pictures from an amazing flight I see 👍🏼

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As always incredible pictures! I was also wondering if you had some space in the cargo hold for my box of cookies on your next flight?

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I run Ran Airways. I’ll speak to you in PMs about that.

My most favorite picture here has to be:


Glad to provide you with a photo op :)

Funny read, it looks like you had quite the flight!

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Thank you for my mouses! :D

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sick photos dude!

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that peanut butter swimming pool is too huge