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Hi guys I’m just wondering if any of u pros can give a noob like me a bunch of tips and tricks to help me out with flying, have nice flights.

Thanks to all that immediately came and helped me out, have a nice day.


Read the rules and looking the following carogories #support #live #tutorials


Hey there!

Why not head over to #tutorials to find out some helpful hints on your journey through aviation!

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We’ve all been in your shoes - so don’t fret, stay calm and don’t do anything that’s just plane dumb.

Get it…plane dumb (see what I did there…)



Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time on IFC!


Practice Landings, Practice Takeoffs, Repeat the Process, Redo it till when you feel that, you’ve mastered the art of flying to that extent where you are confident, you have control of your flight. Do the practice on Solo Mode or Casual Server, that be your choice, but by redoing the same exercise, your memory will strengthen in learning, what is correct and what is wrong.

Test different Airplanes, try them out, all of them, feel what suits you best, what you can handle the best, it is different for every pilot. The Tutorials here on the forum gives you the basics to understand how to perform different manoeuvres and such, watch those and copy what the tutorial shows, and from there build up, by learning one plane at the time, start with the one you are most comfortable with.

A few things that are great to get a grip of, early on is, to know how to Takeoff and Landing properly, or as smoothly as possible but also to know when to descend, know how to step climb when flying heavy, long flight and how to properly respond to ATC when you enter Training Server and eventually Expert Server.

I Say; Practice, based on the tutorials, find what airplane you feel the most confident and comfortable with, and repeat the basics till they are integrated into your memory. Good Luck!


Your first win is joining this forum. Your second is asking for help and tips. You’re going to be just fine 😊

In addition to the good info above, check here for the IF pilot tutorials on YouTube. Some of the stuff is a bit dated, but you’ll learn a lot.

Have fun


Well for flying as said above, that just takes practice. One very common mistake is step climbing, so make sure you do that on all of your flights. If you’re new to the game, you probably won’t have access to expert server. When you get promoted to grade two and move into training server, you can get violations which will affect your grade, here is a list of them:

There is also ATC on training, but because it’s training server and anyone could be ATC, you’ll find a lot of inexperienced controllers. There is no punishment for not following ATC instructions, but it is still advised unless they are trolling you.
Once you get to grade three, you have access to expert server. Expert is reserved for serious users only and ATC have to pass a recruiting process to become a controller. They know what they are doing and will not troll you. They will enforce rules and procedures by ghosting, one ghost will send you off on an a free, all-inclusive one week trip back to training server (you get banned from expert for a week) Five of these in a year will restrict you until it’s been a year since your first one.
But, the most important thing is to have fun!

Hope you found this useful


Well it could as if he is having some issues he could look there, please don’t be negative on the IFC and instead try to use constructive feedback

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Well I get what you mean, but he’s just sort of asking for tips on improving is flying and #support is only if you ever have problems with the app, I apologise if I did sound a bit negative though


Hello, and welcome to the Infinite Flight community! It appears that everyone else has covered most of the main points, however feel free to PM me with any specific questions regarding Infinite Flight or real life aviation and I would be more than happy to help!

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Thank you Avali_Pilot and I will do have a good day

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Thank you for helping and immediately giving a hand to those who need, thank you

This comment is so kind so I know I’m going to like this place so thank you azeeuwnl and everyone else.

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Welcome to the community. Your going to love it here. Quick tips about the IFC

@MishaCamp Is a Unicorn
Don’t ping @ Laura
@DeerCrusher is most likely going to try and convince you that it’s actually called grease and not butter. (he’s a bit loco)

Other than those Important tips, enjoy your time here!

Some less important links

General Forum Guidelines

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

The Moderation on the Forum

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Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide



@anon41771314 got it incorrect. @DeerCrusher is correct,

Its grease, fact.

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Hello Tim I was taking part in an event where you were atc, whilst playing infinite flight i had unintentionally pushed back without realising and before i could stop i was demoted, im not sure how to inbix you as this is my 2nd time on ifc hope you can help thanks FO Nathan Newcastle.

Hey, I will send you a message and we can sort this out together. You’re currently unable to send a message due to your trust level.