Helping deliver essential supplies to New York!

2020-03-30T00:00:00Z we departed Memphis. Thank you everyone who joined. I will link other members posts below. @NYFLFlyer22’s post has all attendees names

Server: Expert, thank you for Mstical & Kevinsoto1502 providing ATC!

Route: KMEM - KEWR

Busy aircraft loading heavy supplies to go to New York

After loading up we depart! Long taxi line!

Wheels off

Crossing the Tennessee & Kentucky border

Descending into New York over Delaware!

Gear going down

Smooth landing onto 04R at Newark Liberty

All medical supplies being unloaded at cargo stands!

Thank you for reading! Please join my next flyout in Vancouver!


@NYFLFlyer22’s post: Let’s Get Supplies to the Big Apple!

@reer104’s post: FedEx Cargo Flight delivering necessary medical supplies to New York!