Helping a friend with his violation

Hello Good Day!

Im helping my friend today who got a violation yesterday by over speeding. My friend’s internet was unstable and keeps on lagging due to the rain here in our place. Can you help us remove the violation? :)

Thank you!

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I recommend message @appeals, they will guide you to remove your violation

Note : Please do not contact appeals individual, Every appeals needs to be kept track on record.
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Hello, the appeals team does not accept appeals on the behalf of the person who has been reported. It is best that you get your friend to directly contact the appeals team, and have it handled appropriately from there. Please also be reminded that violations can be appealed only if it has been issued within the last 7 days, so if you wish to contact them, it is best to do so at your earliest convenience.

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My friend isn’t reported it was over speeding there wasn’t atc

@appeals can also appeals level 1 violation, if they were cause by technical issue.

Please see the following reply for guidance for your friend. Thanks!

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