The game isn’t allowing me to go online


You have to pay to go online and make an infinite flight account.


Can you be more specific?
What is happening that isn’t allowing you to go online?
What is your device?


If you had live before then check it it’s expired…


It’s telling me that I ain’t subscribed and that I have to subscribe

No … @gadget_pilot … This is my first time

You have to pay…

Ok @Qantas_ryan.
Can someone explain the payment process and if there’s a way to get around it because Google play doesn’t work in my region… ( Which is the Caribbean )

I believe you can buy it on the infinite flight website if you can’t use the store


There is no way to get around paying for it. You can try our Live Account Site and purchase it there. As long as you’ve bought the app first, it should work. :)


It’s telling me that the game isn’t available in my country

Where do you live?

St.Maarten … That’s in the Caribbean

I don’t get how you got the app then?, did you get it on the play store?

No … I got it just to get the hang of it and now when I decided to go and buy it … I saw that it isn’t available for me

Well for my region …
There’s so much people in the Caribbean that want to play this game but we can’t because it isn’t available for purchase to us

So you can’t buy it in the app or the play store as its not available on your country

Exactly … I can’t buy it in the infinite flight store either

It’s a bit stupid that they let you have the game and not live, I don’t know what you can do. Try This!

Thanks … I just emailed them

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